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Trip Report: SC'17

This is my first post. I plan to talk about my experiences such as conference trips, papers I read or papers I publish. This time, I will talk about the Supercomputing Conference (SC) 2017 that I attended last week at Denver. It was my first time although I follow SC for a long time. The main reason was the Early Career Workshop, organized by Dorian Arnold. Let me go day-by-day to keep this organized:

Day 0: Denver is a beautiful city and famous for the arts and cultural activities. High altitude also made me sleep easy, which was nice. SC is a big venue with more than 12K attendees and includes exhibits where many companies (and research institutes) get heavily involved. When I was getting the badge they asked me if I want to donate the conference bag to high school students, for which I am perfectly okay! We all have enough bags and this is a great way to outreach high-schools.

Day 1: There were many tutorials on Sunday. It has been a while since the last time I worked on OpenMP, so I…